Dear readers,

Today I have a very busy day. I am organizing a free 5-day workshop (‘kickstart creativiteit), which is all about something that I am doing right now: creating every day. Since I started painting about 1,5 year ago on a daily basis, my whole idea about creativity has changed. It is something you ‘have to’ commit too (if you want to, of course).

Creativity gets the chance of really become part of your life if you DO it, not think about it, hope for it, plan to do it. The workshop is all about that (but then not only about painting, but also about writing books, building a business, or change anything else important in your life). IF you speak dutch you might like it!


Okay, so little time to work on art (since I have to finish four of the five days of my workshop… ;-)) So nice to work on both, though, so this is not a punishment…



Worked on 15/15 cm (6/6″), mostly with my fingers (that makes  big difference for cleaning brushes…). Worked very quickly: I like that!






ps: Tomorrow I will not be painting, since I m going to visit the exhibition space!


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