Dear readers,


Today I continued working on the three 40/40 cm paintings, a second layer on two of them, and a first layer on the third. It is fun to realize how fast (in a positive way) I painted today. I worked a very short time, only 45 minutes I think, completely in a flow, not thinking at all, just painting, and it worked well for me right now. I have plenty of other things to do. Maybe another time this will be too fast for me, but right now it gives me a) no time to think, I use all the time for painting itself, and b) more time for other things that are important to me.

Of course this blogwriting takes time too. But I realize it is part of the process for me. By documenting what I am doing, I leave a trace. I can look back. I contemplate what I have been doing. And most important: I reach out and don’t stay in my closet (thanks Dotty!).

Another thing: I accidently stumbled on this beautiful color of light green/tealish. By mixing teal, yellow and white (and some brown and grey in it, too I guess). I really like it (especially also the contrast between the neutral colours and the bright pink.


Thanks for reading!!



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