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19 mei 2017

Dear readers,   Another day working at two of the three 50/50 cm paintings that I started. This was one of the days that I would not have painted if I would not have this daily painting practice. I am glad I did it anyway (I hardly ever regret it, that's why I...

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18 mei 2017

  Dear readers,   Today another day working on the three paintings of 50/50 cm. It is still wonderful to be able to alternate between the three of them. When I feel stuck or uninspired or not knowing where to put the next brushstroke I'll switch to the...

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17 mei 2017

Dear readers,   Today I did a small experiment. I wanted to try out what I can do with cheap material. I used simple copy paper, childrens watercolour from Ikea, and a few crayons (the watersoluble neocolor II-crayons. They are artist quality material, but they...

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16 mei 2017

Dear readers,   Today I continued working on the three paintings of 50/50 cm. I was 'trying to not to try to hard' (is that possible?). I succeeded more or less though. I thought: it is more important that I find that looseness and that braveness in painting...

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15 mei 2017

Dear readers,   Today I painted not as relaxed as yesterday. Maybe because yesterday it felt like painting the underlyer: Nothing to loose yet. Now the painting is progressing, and what will I do next? Just before the end of this painting session I decided to...

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12 mei 2017

Dear readers,   The dust in our household seems to have settled down a bit, so I picked up my daily creative practice again. Oh how wonderful painting is! I notice how I more and more seem to be able to be in the now. Just painting one stroke after another, not...

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9 mei 2017

Dear readers,   It has been quite a while since I have been writing an artblog. The reason: I had sort of a long spring-vacation in the south of France. We camped in our wonderful 33-years old 'vouwwagen' (it was cold!) and had a great time hiking in this beloved...

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21 april 2017

Dear readers,   I have been working today with paint and brushes again - on simple copy paper. Nice to do something more 'substantial' then working with the pastels. I work really intuitively right now, not thinking at all, no planning of composition (probably...

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20 april 2017

Dear reders,   I am liking these soft pastels more and more! Have to find out how I can manage all this dust, and how I can make sure that I am not swiping my own marks while I am using the pastel. (Am I clear?) I started with a layer of more or less random...

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19 april 2017

Dear readers,   Today I continued working with soft pastel and liquid acrylics, nothing special, just trying out. I realized again today how important it is to keep this daily creating very playful and simple, like  kid that is sitting in the sandbox, no need to...

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