Dear reader,


Today I wanted to start not by talking about me, but by you! I hope you enjoy reading my posts about how my creating life is taking shape, day by day. I started painting 2,5 year ago. I had already been craving to start before, but I was afraid I did not have the ‘talent’, I would make horrible paintings, I would never finish something, I did not have the right materials to start with, etcetera, etcetera.

Finally, on the first januari of 2015 I started painting, thanks to a 30days-project, initiated by Leslie Saeta (30 paintings in 30 days). It was a wonderful experience to finally start painting and not give up!

What I have learned over the course of these 2,5 years, is how important it is to create a habit, if possible a daily habit, that you do not break, or at least be as true to your intention as possible. And the second: to make the barriers as low as possible. So starting with only a small drawing on the back of a businesscard is more than enough to get your creativity up and running.


So my question to you is: do you have these creative yearnings? If so: please, don’t let them beg, but give them a little bit attention by starting a creative habit today. Maybe just 5 minutes playing around with the crayons of your children. Even if you don’t have any materials around, take a pencil or a pen and start doodling for 3 minutes. Be as ‘childlike’ as you can be. Slowly but steadily your habit can grow, and your creativity will start to flourish.

To sum it up:


2. Keep your standars REALLY low!



Today I worked again for about half an hour or so on the three paintings in progress. I had been hesitating to work on them, because they looked already so nice, but were clearly not finished.

Actually: I did not do a lot. Only adding Quinocridone Nickel Azo Gold (this miraculous stuff), and titanium white. (and some drawing and scribbling). And to my surprise one of the three paintings is getting almost done.


I have no pictures yet (due to iClour-problems and a computer that is completely filled up), I hope I can post these pictures this afternoon.


Have fun creating today, even if it is just for 3 minutes!





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