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8 juni 2017

Dear readers,   Today I continued working on the second one of the four paintings. It changed in a direction I could not have foreseen: all kinds of small shapes coming down on the canvas. I like it but it has not the 'composition' like I think a painting 'should...

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6 juni 2017

Dear reader,   Today I wanted to start not by talking about me, but by you! I hope you enjoy reading my posts about how my creating life is taking shape, day by day. I started painting 2,5 year ago. I had already been craving to start before, but I was afraid I...

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2 juni 2017

Dear readers,   Today I did not work on the three 40/40 paintings again, probably because I already like them too much, and I have little time and don't want to spoil them because I feel pressured. So I did a funny experiment, I took the first thing that I saw...

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1 juni 2017

Dear readers,   Since I want to take an afternoon off, I decided to simply work on copy paper, with one colour and crayons and markers only. It turned out to take some more time, and I started using collage too. But it was nice to see how things developed, even...

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31 mei 2017

Dear readers,   Today another day working on the three 40/40 cm paintings. I recognized today that I was already getting a bit more in the 'this has to become a good piece'-mode, but then after that I dropped that and just happily painted along, without too much...

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30 mei 2017

Dear readers,   Today I continued working on the three 40/40 cm paintings, a second layer on two of them, and a first layer on the third. It is fun to realize how fast (in a positive way) I painted today. I worked a very short time, only 45 minutes I think,...

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29 mei 2017

    Dear readers,   Today I started a series on 40/40 cm canvas (i.e. 16/16") The start is always easy: just putting on colours. Today I used also grey and brown, mixed with white and black, so I got a whole lot of neutral tones in it. Just trying out!...

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24 mei 2017

Dear readers,   Today I sort of finished the third painting, but I am not sure yet, so I let it sit for a while. It is so nice to see how the painting develops under my hands!   Before I started this series of three I had the plan of leaving a lot of 'empty...

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23 mei 2017

Dear readers,   Today I finished the second one from the series of three that I am working on. Now I have finished the second one I suddenly start to see all kinds of flaws in the first one! And I was yesterday so happy with it! Still like it, but I guess today I...

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22 mei 2017

Dear readers,   Today I finished one of the three 50/50 paintings that I have been working on the last week. I really like it! Below you see the completed painting, a studio shot and some details.   Bye, thanks for reading! Simone...

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